Top 5 places to Visit In Northern Areas Of Pakistan

Top 5 places to Visit In Northern Areas Of Pakistan

Travelers from all over the international love to visit the northern regions of Pakistan. Executive. Has lifted all of the tour hurdles for site visitors from all around the globe. Additionally, Pakistan changed into listed in the list of best travel destinations to tour in 2020   

through the Forbes magazines. Because it becomes the entire u. s. listed for high-quality travel sites, here we’ve got some of the maximum beautiful locations to visit in the northern regions of Pakistan.

  1.  Naran Kaghan
  2. The Valley of Hunza
  3. The Valley of Skardu
  4. Fairy Meadows
  5. The Valley of Naltar 


  1.  Naran Kaghan

Naran is a city and famous tourist vacation spot in the upper Kaghan Valley in Mansehra District of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa province of Pakistan. Its miles are located 119 kilometers (74 mi) from Mansehra city at the altitude of two,409 meters (7,904 toes). It’s far, located approximately 65 kilometers (40 mi) away from Babusar top. It is one of the most popular visitor attractions locally in addition to internationally.

Naran Kaghan - Nothern Areas of Pakistan
Naran Kaghan – Nothern Areas of Pakistan

Naran & Kaghan are the 2 amazing valleys positioned in the Khyber Pakhtunkhwa province of Pakistan and around 285 kilometers from the Capital, Islamabad. Abbottabad and Mansehra are the 2 main cities down the way to Naran Kaghan.

Lush green valleys and sky-excessive mountains together with pure water of the potent Kunhar River make the Naran Kaghan tour irresistible. As described above, Naran Kaghan valleys are amazing in phrases in their panorama, which includes lush inexperienced meadows, sky-high mountains, and lakes with freshwaters. Here is some top of listing places to which tourists to go during the Naran Kaghan excursion.

top locations throughout the Naran Kaghan excursion are

  • Shogran
  • Siri Paye
  • Lalazar
  • Saif ul ma look Lake
  • Lulusar Lake
  • Dudipatsar Lake
  • Ansoo Lake
  • Pyala Lake


Shogran is a hill station placed on an inexperienced plateau and around sixty-five kilometers away from Naran valley. It’s the entrance to Naran valley in the Naran Kaghan tour. Because of its geolocation, Shogran is gaining excessive appeal in Naran Kaghan excursion programs.

Shogran - Nothern Areas of Pakistan
Shogran – Nothern Areas of Pakistan

Siri Paye

This is the second spot after Shogran in the Naran Kaghan excursion. Siri Paye is a lush inexperienced meadow surrounded with the aid of wildflowers, making it staggering surroundings. However, accomplishing Siri Paye isn’t always that easy. Most effective jeeps or other four-wheel-power cars can visit Siri Paye because of the only jeep music available. A maximum of the adventurist travelers ask for the horse ride in their Naran Kaghan excursion programs, especially for Siri Paye.

 Siri Paye - Nothern Areas of Pakistan
Siri Paye – Nothern Areas of Pakistan


Lalazar is one of the most desired tour spots inside the Naran Kaghan excursion. It’s miles placed 21km away from Naran valley and can be accessed through jeep music surrounded via thick forests. This particular green meadow gives charming scenery of mountains around it. Vacationers especially ask to add Lalazar as an ought to traveler forestall in their Naran Kaghan excursion.

Lalazaar - Nothern Areas of Pakistan
Lalazaar – Nothern Areas of Pakistan

Saif ul Malook

it is implausible for a tourist no longer to visit lake Saif ul Malook at the Naran Kaghan excursion. Lake saif ul Malook is the center point of enchantment in Naran Kaghan tour packages. Lies inside the shadow of Malika Parbat, the highest peak in Naran Kaghan, and at an altitude of 10577 feet, the Lake Saif ul Malook is the most visited tourist location. This alpine Lake, surrounded by using the white snowy mountains, makes the fairy memories about it plausible.

Saif ul Malook - Nothern Areas of Pakistan
Saif ul Malook – Nothern Areas of Pakistan

Lulusar Lake

Subsequent on the list is Lake Lulusar, the number one water supply for the Kunhar River. It takes approximately an hour on the lovely road to Babusar pinnacle. The Lake is eleven,2 hundred feet above sea stage, and is one of the stunning lakes to visit at the Naran Kaghan excursion.

Lulusar Lake - Nothern Areas of Pakistan
Lulusar Lake – Nothern Areas of Pakistan

Dudipatsar Lake

Beautiful snow-capped mountains surround the Lake at an altitude of 12,500 ft. Don’t omit the chance to go to the queen of lakes in Kaghan Naran tour and discover the breathtaking regions of ​​Naran Kaghan. Due to the surrounding snow peaks, the Lake is called Dudipatsar Lake, and the name approach is “White Mountain Lake.” The Lake can be accessed via an 18 km trekking path starting from Besal.

Ansoo Lake

Tear-formed lakes have become a distinguished tourist spot in past years for the Naran Kaghan tour. The Lake is known as “Ansoo Lake,” which means “lake of tears,” and its miles placed 4250 meters high, close to the robust Malika Parbat in the Himalayas.

Dudipatsar Lake - Nothern Areas of Pakistan
Dudipatsar Lake – Nothern Areas of Pakistan

Starting from the Saif ul Malook Lake, someone can attain this lovely and fascinating Lake together with a 3- and a 1/2-hour on-foot route. Therefore, you should visit at least once on a Naran Kaghan excursion to peer this one of the maximum lakes within the stunning highlands of the Himalayas.

Payal Lake 

some other magnificent splendor you don’t need to overlook inside the Naran Kaghan excursion is Payala Lake. The tremendous fact about this Lake is that it is absolutely round; that’s why it is referred to as Pyala. Pyala Lake in Jharkhand is a new lake main to Lulusar Lake and the best factor, Babusar pinnacle. 

The Valley of Hunza

It is situated at the bank of Hunza River, bordering Ishkoman to the northwest, Shigar to the southeast, Afghanistan’s Wakhan Corridor to the north, and the Xinjiang location of China to the northeast.

Hunza - Nothern Areas of Pakistan
Hunza – Nothern Areas of Pakistan

The Hunza Valley is at an elevation of two,438 meters (7,999 toes). Geographically, Hunza includes three regions: top Hunza (Gojal), relevant Hunza, and decrease Hunza (Shinkai).


Buddhism, and to a lesser quantity, Bön, were the primary religions within the area. The place has a number of surviving Buddhist archaeological sites, such as the Sacred Rock of Hunza. The location changed into Buddhist majority till the 15th century, earlier than the arrival of Islam in this location. Seeing that then, the maximum of the population has transformed to Islam.

Hunza changed into formerly a princely nation bordering Xinjiang (self-reliant region of China) to the northeast and Pamir to the northwest, which survived till 1974 when it turned into finally dissolved by means of Zulfikar Ali Bhutto. The state bordered the Gilgit business enterprise to the south and the former princely nation of Nagar to the east. The state capital became the town of Baltit (also called Karimabad); every other old settlement is Ganish Village, which means that ‘Baba Ganesh village.’

It lies within the mountains of Northern Pakistan, the colossal and colorful Hunza Valley a long way within the Gilgit Baltistan vicinity close to the China border. Hunza Valley is one of the maximum stunning places to go to inside the northern areas of Pakistan. But, the valley has plenty greater to find out.

locations To go to In Hunza

some of the exceptional journey locations to visit in Hunza Valley are Ganesh historical settlement, Baltit, Altit castle, Attahbad Lake, Shimshal Valley, Passu cones and glacier, Khunjerab skip (Pak-China Border), and much more.

Ganesh village is a historic Silk direction agreement around one thousand years old, imagined being the primary Silk path agreement.

In Hunza Valley, there are various stunning hiking routes that can take travelers to some other world. Some of the most stunning trekking routes are Shimshal pass, Patundas trek, Batura Glacier trek, and plenty of extras.

So make certain this summer season to tour for the exploring of this amazing area of Northern areas of Pakistan with your friends or a person special to spend a few brilliant time.

The valley of Skardu

Skardu is a city positioned in Gilgit−Baltistan, Pakistan, and serves because the capital of Skardu District and the Baltistan department. Skardu is located at an elevation of almost 2,500 meters (eight,202 feet) in the Skardu Valley, on the confluence of the Indus and Shigar Rivers. The metropolis is a crucial gateway to the 8-thousands of the nearby Karakoram mountain variety. The Indus River jogging thru the location separates the Karakoram from the Himalayas.

The name “Skardu” is thought to be derived from the Balti phrase that means “a low land among two excessive locations. the 2 referenced “excessive locations” are the Shigar metropolis and the high-altitude Satpara Lake the first point out of Skardu dates to the primary half of the sixteenth century. Mirza Haidar (1499–1551) described Skardu in the 16th-century text Tarikh-i-Rashidi Baltistan as one of the districts of the region. The first mention of Skardu right here we go with the Gateway to the Karakorum mountain variety on this list.

Skardu valley lies within the Karakorum range of Gilgit Baltistan in far northern Pakistan. Being my maximum favorite destination inside the mountainous place of Pakistan, Skardu valley gives lots to the wanderers that one could in no way assume and ever neglect after traveling to such locations in northern areas of Pakistan. The road main towards Skardu valley presupposed to be the eighth surprise of worldwide because the way provides a few breathtaking views at the side of the threat of massive landslide each time it gets rain. The valley has a rich tradition and history with beautiful traditions. Likewise, tradition and traditions are much like Tibet. However, Skardu is the Baltistan in Gilgit Baltistan vicinity, which is referred to as the Little Tibet.

Skardu - Nothern Areas of Pakistan
Skardu – Nothern Areas of Pakistan


Satisfactory places To go to In Skardu. Skardu valley has lots to provide for the vacationers to wander inside the mountains to discover as among the places has still not been visited. From the powerful mountains to the arena maximum barren region, Skardu has everything for its enthusiasts. Some of the pleasant locations to go to in Skardu valley are:

  • Shangrila (decrease Kachura) Lake
  • upper Kachura Lake
  • Kharpocho fortress
  • Kalpana bloodless desolate tract and Lake
  • Tiger bloodless barren region
  • Tiger Valley and citadel
  • Khaplu Valley and Palace
  • Chaqchan Mosque
  • Deosai countrywide Park

Skardu valley is Gateway to Karakorum Mountains, and it has a few of the world’s maximum beautiful and incredible hiking routes. A few maximum outstanding ones are Snow Lake (Luke Lawo) trek, K2 Base Camp (Concordia) trek, Banak la trek and lots greater. Moreover, Skardu host the K2 (8,611 m), the second one-highest top of worldwide, vast peak (eight,047 m), Gasherbrum 1 (eight,080 m), Gasherbrum 2 (8,1/2 m) and many more strong and famous peaks. With a majority of these mighty peaks in Skardu, it becomes the dream for the mountaineers to overcome. Each year thousands of mountaineers come to Pakistan to try hiking those robust peaks in Skardu valley. So ensure to have an adventure on this area to go to northern areas of Pakistan this summertime.

Fairy Meadows

At an altitude of approximately three, three hundred meters (10,800 ft) above sea stage, it serves because the launching point for trekkers summiting on the Rakhiot face of the Nanga Parbat. In 1995, the government of Pakistan declared Fairy Meadows a countrywide Park. Name given on the heavenly beauty on this piece of land, Fairy meadows lie inside the ways Himalayan mountains of Gilgit Baltistan within the northern areas of Pakistan. The vacation spot is famous because of the darkish alpine wooded area in the surrounding, lush inexperienced meadows within the middle with the awesome amazing Nanga Parbat peak (eight,126 m) at the front make this one of the excellent places to visit in northern regions of Pakistan.

 Nanga Parbat is called The Killer Mountain, with the call indexed on the second one in maximum height of Pakistan. However, the peak is the 9th largest in the global. Within the Fairy meadows, you’ll be able to discover some beautiful areas through trekking in the direction of Biyal Camp and the Base camp of Nanga Parbat.

Fairy Meadows - Nothern Areas of Pakistan
Fairy Meadows – Nothern Areas of Pakistan

Bilal Camp is known to be the first camp of Killer Mountain. To reach this Fairyland of Pakistan, one has to take the adventurous Jeep journey on the arena’s most dangerous Jeep track and then trek for around three hours via dense woods. The destinations get close throughout winters due to the heavy snowfall making it difficult to stay there. This summertime placed this vacation spot for your tour listing amongst other best locations to visit in the northern regions of Pakistan.

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